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KAN/ESDC Empowerment of Seniors in Hamilton

KAN is now recruiting and selecting participants in the  immigrant Community to benefit from the  Empowerment of Seniors Through Information Sharing Project in Hamilton. This project is being implemented under the New Horizons for Seniors program with funding from the Employment and Social Development Canada ( ESDC).

The project is intended to:

  • To support the social participation and inclusion of Immigrant seniors in Hamilton
  • To provide opportunities for community engagement and meaningful activities among seniors within the African and immigrant’s community
  • To encourage seniors' involvement in acting to solve issues that affect them directly or indirectly
  • To identify ways for seniors within the African immigrant community to interact and encourage voluntarism among seniors 
  • Senior and youth cultural knowledge sharing presentation workshop

The program will include series of workshops which will run from July to December 2018

Seniors (55 years old and upward, 50 years to 54 years old will be considered depending on individual needs), non-seniors including youths from various communities in Hamilton will benefit from this project. Participants who do not have access to bus pass will be provided bus tickets for each workshop.  

Inquiries: Please Contact 

Theophilus A. Kiadii at 2897003271/ 00231770632221


Lifeline for Ebola Orphans (LEO) Scholarship Program

KAN/AHU Partnership

Key-Action Network(KAN) in partnership with African Heritage Universe ( AHU) in Halifax  has launched  a project called Lifeline Ebola Orphans (LEO) Scholarship project. The LEO scholarship is available to students in the three West African countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. The scholarship program is  providing educational assistance to high school students who lost their parent(s) to the 2013 - 2015 West African Ebola epidemic and whose ability to remain in school is demonstrably threatened by the financial circumstances of their guardians. 

The project intends to enhance the capacity of recipients to stay in school and be educated by undertaking the cost of School fees, books and uniforms, conducting study classes, counseling and creating the right environment for learning both at home and school.



Poverty is one of the major causes of food crisis especially among families and individuals caring for   Ebola orphans in the three West African countries  affected by the  Ebola outbreak. Nearly a third of these families and individual living around Ebola epic center are faced with food crisis, and 41% of people in that same areas live on less than U.S. $1 daily. It is a public knowledge that a high rates of poverty is correlated with high rates of hunger. 

Without a real safety net, the learning environment of these Ebola orphan will continue to be threaten, making them more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. It is against this background that Key-Action Network has launched a program in Liberia West Africa called ‘Food4Kids”.

The Food4Kids program will operate as food banks and will serve the following categories of people:

  1. SCHOOL KIDS - Provide snacks, food and nonfood materials, school supplies to school kids from poor neighborhoods in urban and rural communities in Liberia Sierra Leone and Guinea
  1. POOR HOUSEHOLDS AND HOUSEHOLD WITH EBOLA ORPHANS/ VICTIMS - Provide foodstuffs, wearing, household utensils and cleaners, personal items, and hygiene products in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea
  1. LOCAL FARMERS - Provide seeding, local farming tools, training, technical support and other assistance to local farmers