Legally Established in 2014, KAN now have offices in Ontario, Canada  and Monrovia Liberia 

Founded and established by a team including Theophilus A. Kiadii ,  Marayah Kiadii– (Deceased), Simanga Gama  with support from John Luma and Rosler Wleh

 KAN is a Canadian Christian based Humanitarian and Development organization with a newly established local branch in Liberia, West Africa. The organization is serving the  economic, social, and physical  and spiritual needs of the poor, disadvantaged, and mankind as whole.
We empower community members to take the lead in developmental and social issues which directly or indirectly effect their well-being, empower youths, women, seniors and vulnerable individuals through training, workshops, information sharing, and connect them to other services and resources
We mobilize people and resources to provide basic needs such as food, clothing, school supplies, medication, education, training, scholarship, micro loan, homes, and clean water.
We also give support to other activities such as agricultural activities, local church empowerment program, student and cultural exchange program, volunteer activities and advocacy.

 We are building bridges between the privileged and unprivileged, between givers and receivers, between wants and needs. We stand in the gaps between the rich and the poor.

KAN  empowers community members to take action in solving development issues which directly or indirectly hinders their well being.

The organization  carries out settlement and integration program, provide support to newcomers,  work with new immigrant, children from poor neighborhoods, empowerment of youths, women, seniors and vulnerable individuals through basic computer services, training, information sharing, workshops, back to school programs, micro projects,  and community mobilization through community centers, and provide other services that benefit the general public such as connecting individuals to other services and resources.

KAN with a grant from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is now recruiting and selecting participants in the African immigrant Community, non-African Community to benefit from the Senior Empowerment of Seniors Through Information Sharing program in Hamilton. This project is being implemented under the New Horizons for Seniors for Seniors program.

KAN is also engaged in international development and assistance to communities in developing countries by mobilizing resources to provide basic needs such as school supplies, food, clothing, and medication, other relief,  and give support to other activities such as agriculture activities. 


KAN in partnership with African Heritage Universe ( AHU) has launched  a project called Lifeline for Ebola orphans (LEO) scholarship. The scholarship  is available to students in the three West African countries (Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea) which was hit by the Ebola epidemic in 2013 .  The scholarship program provides educational assistance to high school students who lost their parent(s) to the 2013 - 2015 West African Ebola epidemic, and whose ability to remain in school is demonstrably threatened by the financial circumstances of their guardians.  The scholarship pays  for school fees, books, uniforms, weekly study classes, counseling and help create better environment for your learning both at home and school.

 KAN initiated and successful the mobilization of Liberian community leaders across Canada to established the Federation of Liberian Associations in Canada.

 KAN worked with the Liberian Community to create aware and raise fund to help fight against the Ebola crisis in West Africa in 2014. 

We are undertaking several other local and international project including information sharing and micro project for elderly and women in many  communities in Ontario, 
We are also  undertaking back to school and food bank program in Liberia. 

The success of these projects depends your support and contributions. Help us to help others;  Every dollar count, every effort will lead to performance and every performance will yield a result. 

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